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Lolly Law is the immigration case management solution that helps manage your work

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Why Businesses Choose Lolly Law

Built to perform. Priced to compete. The perfect complement to G Suite.
Enjoy a tool that has the features you want, without the clutter.

Immigration Workflows

Work the way you want. Use our library of immigration case types or create your own with customized tasks, milestones, and form sets.

Form Filling & Doc Automation

Get your data into USCIS forms and documents you use most often like Word or Google Doc templates. Turn your data into contracts, letters, mailers, and more.

GSuite Integration

Simply the easiest, out of the box integration with your Google Drive and Calendar. Lolly Law keeps you in control of files while saving you time.

At a Glance

Lolly comes with the features you need to grow your practice.

Time Tracking

Easily log time worked and use for billing. Gain insight into staff hours and workflow efforts.

Billing and Trust Accounting

Account for matters as traditional flat fee, hourly, or do milestone billing to track your case balances and reconcile accounts.


Create statements for clients to communicate charges, work performed and balance of their account.

USCIS Form Filling

Use an automated system to pre-fill and print USCIS forms. Lolly Law will help reduce redundant data entry for you and your staff.

Document Management

Store your documents in Google Drive. Lolly Law manages your folders and makes it easy to get to the documents you need.

Tasks and Milestones

Set up the workflow the way you want it done. Assign tasks to team members. Monitor progress across all of your caseloads.

Take just 5 minutes to see how a paralegal and attorney work together in Lolly Law to complete an Adjustment of Status.

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