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Get your contact details and matter information in the palm of your hand with the Lolly Law Mobile Companion

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Get your contact details and matter information in the palm of your hand with our mobile companion app. Available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Access Contacts

Easily search Lolly Law and gain quick access to contact details, files, and related matters.

Manage Tasks

Convenient task management for every open matter. Mark off tasks while on the go!

View Matter Details

Quick access to matter details. View contacts involved, access case files, journal, tasks, and more.

How it works

The mobile companion is an extension of Lolly Law that provides convenient mobile access to contacts, matters, and tasks.

Integrated Search

We have updated the Lolly database service to provide real-time indexing for mobile. Search thousands of contacts with out powerful search feature.

Real-time Updates

Mobile Companion built using the latest PWA or Progressive Web App standards. Install can be done from the browser in seconds. Just add us to the home screen and you're ready to go.

Call or Text

Built-in quick contact buttons for calling or texting!


GDrive Integration

Get to important files quickly using your mobile device. Find the contact or matter and jump to Google Drive.

Update Tasks

Manage your case workflow on the go! See matter progress - tasks completed, upcoming, and more from your phone or tablet.


We are excited enable a new mobile experience for your case management activities! And we are committed to bringing you closer to your data and the devices you love.

Use your existing account to start using the Mobile Companion app today!

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