Growing caseload needs better tools

You are quite capable and know what needs to be done, but you are looking for ways to streamline your day to day activities. You needs tools that move at your pace.

What you get:

  • Turn how you work into automated processes
  • Scheduling and task management
  • Switch between clients and cases quickly and easily

You would benefit from turning your knowledge and process into something that can be automated and stamped out as new cases are opened. Fortunately, Lolly Law gives you a space to store that knowledge and apply it whenever you need to in seconds. Your time is important, so we have loaded your Library with dozens of case types with with to use or customize rather than start from scratch.

While an extra hour in the day would be nice, with a growing caseload your time is more important than ever. An emergency consultation or unexpected wait at court can throw a wrench in the best laid schedule. Defining what needs to be done and when means you can also adjust at a moment’s notice. Lolly Law lets you reschedule work activities, or reassign tasks, so that you can stay on top of the needs of your cases.

Sometimes to get to that next level of performance you need to strip things down to their basics, simplify and perfect the process. Professional cyclists opt for bikes with lighter frames, fewer parts, that work better. Lolly Law removes a lot of the clutter in other software and focuses on saving time between tasks. When you have a large caseload, your day may involve bouncing between different work-streams on multiple cases. Lolly is great at moving quickly between matters and getting you what you need to pick up where you left off.