I manage a team

You have your own workload and on top of that, the responsibility for leading a team. Whether you manage 1 or 100, you want to ensure your plan gets executed even when you are not there. Lolly Law helps coordinate the work of a team and gives you the ability to track results for your cases.

What you get:

  • Custom workflows
  • Delegate tasks
  • Transparency and Accountability

When working with a team, communication and coordination are essential components to success. As a leader, you set the direction and define the plan for the case. You want to communicate that plan effectively. And your team will appreciate having a tool that makes a complex process simplified.

Lolly Law is ready for you with pre-build workflows. You can use those or create your own. Set up your custom case workflows, automate task creation and delegate assignments. Opening new matters with your workflow applied is fast. Your team members will know what needs to be done and by when.

Lolly Law makes it easy to see “what’s next” and empowers team members to manage their time to get things done – even if they do not meet with you each day. If you are used to daily meetings, or just want to have more oversight, Lolly Law provides ways for you to track activities and monitor the status of work items any time you want.