I'm an established practice looking to switch to GSuite

Your firm has been operating for some time and whether you are looking at reducing costs or just feeling ready for a change, cloud services like GSuite are appealing to you. You might already know firms that are using GSuite and enjoying it. And you are looking to have your case management software integrate with GSuite services.

What you get:

  • Let software do things for you like sync events and manage files
  • Simplify IT management of employees
  • Keep control of your business critical data

The nature of IT is changing. There is a strong business case to forgo owning and managing local servers and move to cloud services such as GSuite. If your practice is looking to move to GSuite, Lolly Law fits nicely into the suite of tools you will use. For example, when a consultation is scheduled it will automatically sync to Google Calendar and provide notifications on desktop and mobile.

Lolly will also automatically perform time-saving tasks for you, such as create folders and manage work spaces in your Google Drive whenever you open a new case.

It is amazing how much time can be saved in little things like not having to click through folders and subfolders to find what you want. Save time by jumping directly to your documents.

Your files are yours, all the time. The files you attach to a client or matter are saved in your Google Drive. They can be accessed even outside of Lolly Law. Keep control of your business critical data. Use enterprise tools such as Google Keep and Drive File Stream to preserve a local backup.