Starting my own practice

Whether you are thinking about it or have just opened your new firm, it is an exciting time to be an immigration attorney with your own practice. Lolly Law is perfect when you need to get up and going fast.

What you get:

  • GSuite Integration
  • No hassle startup – no upfront costs
  • Training and support

When you are first starting out, there can be a lot of decisions to make. Fortunately, signing up for Lolly Law can be fast and easy, just like GSuite. No need for local servers or costly network configuration. You just need internet and a computer.

In only a few minutes, you can set your firm up with essential functions like email, scheduling, workflow management and document storage.

Adding Lolly Law gives your firm capabilities like managing customer data, structuring your casework, scheduling, billing and more, all on day 1. And when resources might be tight, it is nice that there are no upfront fees to use Lolly Law.

We love new firms and are here to provide support when you need it. Just message us from within the app or call our office today.