Training staff and new hires

Bringing on new team members can be rewarding, but you want to ramp them up quickly and mitigate the “growing pains” that come from adding new team members.

What you get:

  • Easily add new users and introduce them into existing processes
  • Familiar design makes it easier to pick up
  • Monitor progress

Managing who has access to your account is fast and easy. When you hire a new employee, give them an email address and invite them to join your account. You can start setting up their caseload and assign tasks right away if you want. When they log in, they will see their schedule and can review matters that they have been assigned to them.

Lolly Law has a familiar layout. It is comfortable to navigate for those who have used Google Apps before. The idea is to reduce the time it takes for new users to get to know their way around the software, so that they have more time to focus on how you want them to use the software based on your practices and policy.

Whenever you want, you can check on what activities they have been doing in the software and provide guidance as needed.