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We value your feedback and listen to what progressive firms say are needed today. Our team is dedicated to bringing you new, powerful solutions that fit the needs of modern legal practices.


We are regularly updating and improving the software for the benefit of our users. There are already many great things people love and we want to do more. Here are a few “big ticket” items we are working to bring to our users.

Lolly Mobile Companion

Jan 23, 2018

Lolly Law is now mobile!  Get your contact details and matter information in the palm of your hand with the Lolly Law Mobile Companion.  Try it today.

Client Bridge V2.0

Beta Testing Now

Our next generation Client Bridge takes what people love about the original and makes it better. In v2.0 users can self register with any email they want directly off of your firm website. Now you can collect intake information for prospective clients day and night and streamline the consultation process. Data will still flow into their profile and populate on forms!

Form Preview Mode

Coming Soon

In addition to the efficient web-form mode, we are introducing an advanced form preview option that will let you work on the form directly and in the browser. Easily switch between modes based on your preference.

Gmail Integration

We want to make it even easier to connect correspondence in GMail with a Matter in Lolly Law. So in addition to the Journal Notes, you will be able to tag an email as being related to a particular Client or Matter and pull those up on demand.

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