Our 2020 Product Roadmap

What to Expect for the Rest of 2020

  • Q1: Lolly V2, Client Bridge V3, ReForm, Outlook/Gmail Add-on
  • Q2: Forms and Integrations
  • Q3: Quickbooks and Payment Processing Options
  • Q4: Native Mobile App, Public API, and more integrations

Q1: Working through the chaos

In Quarter 1 of 2020 we were firing on all cylinders and came to realize a long standing vision for enhancing Lolly Law. We rebuilt Lolly from the ground up to be faster and deliver more value to our customers. The third version of Client Bridge is better than ever and is now built directly into Lolly – making it easier to use that ever before. We also created ReForm, a brand new way to fill out government forms online, and included it free for all of our existing customers. Not only that, we even created add-ons for Outlook and GMail to save emails and attachments to records in Lolly. We shipped a ton of new features and enhanced what we had to make sure that we are the best value proposition for immigration attorneys needing case management and form filling software

To mention just a few highlights, in 2020 we:

  • Launched Lolly 2.0
  • Launched Client Bridge 3.0 and included it with Lolly
  • Launched ReForm form filling and included it with Lolly
  • Built several Microsoft Outlook add-ons for 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365
  • Built GMail add-on
  • Released seven integrations, including AWS storage, OneDrive, Outlook Calendar, Gmail, Google Calendar, and more
  • Redesigned billing processes, invoices and reconciliation
  • Added multi-instance timer widget and opened up time tracking to cover anything – firm, client or matter related
  • Introduced task board style To-Do management and opened it up for you to use it for anything

If you want to see a more complete list of the important items we have completed and updated in the software, take a peek at our new public change log.


What we have learned

Over the past 6 years, we have seen changes in immigration that has informed our development strategy. Changes come frequently and can be dramatic shifts. Namely, our system needs to be able to quickly add and edit forms from USCIS and other agencies and turn on a dime. So we built ReForm to be just that kind of tool. Not only is it fast and easy to use, it has features that no other immigration software has. And we plan on evolving it further and taking it into new areas. 

Listening. It cannot be understated how valuable that has been for us over the years to listen to our customers, about what their pain points are and what they need. We want Lolly to be the best tool under the sun for immigration attorneys and so we look to your feedback on ways to do that. Times change and we are adaptable. So when new things come down the pike, and you have suggestions on ways the software can improve for you, let us know. We are happy to hear it and even happier to deliver it to you! 

We still have more to do. We want to add more integrations and tools that help you manage a dynamic practice. We want Lolly to work wherever you need it to be – office, home, at court, on the road, anytime. We are committed to delivering an excellent product at an affordable price. 

With all this in mind, the impact from Covid-19 is going to be multi-facetted, and we are anticipating the needs of a modern law firm in a post-Covid-19 world.  At the present, we are looking at deepening the features we already have that facilitate remote collaboration between you and your team members as well as you and your clients. The system already allows for real-time collaboration on forms, has alerts/system notifications, client chat and reminders, as well as an automated assessment tool. We are tracking some other needs to support a complete remote workflow between you and your clients, and we are on it. We are piecing together all the core features and improvements we believe a successful, modern law firm needs to truly perform in 2020 and beyond.

Q2: Forms, Integrations, and more!

Filling out our library of forms

We launched with 35 of the most frequently used forms, the “critical ones” some would call them, but we know there are more. We know that because the old Lolly had over 100 forms available in its library. We plan on getting all of those forms added and then exceeding that list. In addition to growing out the number of forms available in the library, we will also be optimizing the system and adding time-saving features. We will be paying close attention to feedback and watching how the forms are being used. Based on those observations, we will be designing a logic layer for the system to do more for you based on the data it has available.


On day one we have integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Calendar, Gmail, Google Calendar and AWS storage. We are already working on several more and will be turning those on in Q2. These will include, but are not limited to:

  • Zapier
  • Twilio SMS
  • Quickbooks
  • Payment Processing Provider

Upgrading existing customers and training

So that all of our existing customers can switch over to the new system easily, we have been working on a migration tool that will automatically bring over your account to the new system. We will coordinate with each and every one to pick the days that work best for you and your team.

We will also be providing live training on the new system. Since we also want to do this in a consistent way, one that provides the information you need, we will be working to record helpful tutorials and posting them on youtube. This might take some time to produce quality content, so we will try to get started sooner rather than later. We are also updating our site with new articles and How-Tos for the new system.

Q3: Quickbooks, Payment Processing

We are already at work on an integration with Quickbooks. We will release it after the efforts of Q2 have wrapped up.
We would also like to integrate with a third party payment processor so that you can accept payments from clients and have that information automatically passed into Lolly for accounting purposes.

Q4: Native Mobile App, Public API, integrations and more

The mobile companion app for legacy Lolly will not work with the new system. We want to build a new one that is a more capable tool for attorneys in 2020. So expect that sometime in Q4.

Our API is enabling us to work quickly and do some powerful things. Once we have taken care of the objectives in our roadmap through to Q4, we will look to document and publish our API for others to use and create their own useful integrations with Lolly, Client Bridge and ReForm.

We have several more features we want to bring to our users, one of which will help through automated communications with clients via SMS. This can be useful for reminders about upcoming appointments and consultation queuing. We will finalize these integrations and introduce them in Q4.

Closing Thoughts

We know that this is an ambitious list.

When it comes to software, as with most plans, the unexpected event and problem can pop up at any time. When it does, we will assess and adjust our plans as needed to keep momentum and continue to evolve the service in a way that adds value to you. Our team is adaptable and finds a way. We are committed to bring you everything on this list and more because we love our product and want it to be something that you do too.

A special thanks to everyone that has ever provided feedback or participated in a beta with us. We value you and your input. It has improved our product and helped us stay close to the work that you are doing. We are happy to be of service to you and look forward to working with you throughout 2020 and the era of opportunities ahead.